Project #11

TITLE: Downhill Ski Binding Plate

Client: Craig D. English,, (902) 883-9184, Fax (902) 883-8260

SUPERVISOR: Dr. Dale Retallack,, C361

Competitions: none
Implementation: none

Team: Craig English
  David Johnson
  Peter Schnare

DESCRIPTION: In current ski industry practice there is no means of mechanically adjusting a downhill ski's characteristics. The client believes ski parameters such as spring rate and damping ratio should be adjustable to suit the users needs, as determined by: 1. Discipline (SL,GS or DH), 2. Terrain and 3. Snow Conditions. The objective of this project is to produce a working model of a downhill ski binding plate for the client. This working model will be tested and evaluated to determine its real world performance on snow and in selected Nova Scotia Cup competitions.