Project #3

TITLE: Compact Micro Positioner

CLIENTS: Drs. Kujath and Hubbard

SUPERVISOR: Dr. Ted Hubbard Department of Mechanical Engineering Tel.: (902) 494-3243 Fax: (902) 423-6711 E-mail:

Competitions: none
Implementation: Delivered to Dalhousie University MEMS Lab.

Team: Laura Creelman
  Paul Dandurand
  Robert Ewing
  Gavin Tweedie

DESCRIPTION: Micro Positioners are "relatives" of manipulators, tele-operators, and industrial robots. They are used to position very accurately very small objects or features of biological tissue, micro-organisms, or micro-machines. The project requires design, fabrication, testing, and tuning of a Compact Micro Positioner. Here are some technical requirements.

1. Mobility: 6 DOF i.e. linear motion: y, z, x angular motion: yaw-Qz, roll-Qx, pitch-Qy

2. resolution: linear: x, y, z: each 10 microns (1/100 mm) angular: yaw-Qz, roll-Qx, pitch-Qy: 1 degree

3. work envelop ranges: linear: x, y, z: each 5000 microns (5 mm) angular: yaw-Qz, roll-Qx, pitch-Qy: each 20 degrees

4. max volume: 50 mm high approximately 100mm x 100mm base area

5. max weight: 1 kg

6. max cost: about $500

7. drive: preferably manual