Project #4

TITLE: Prosthetic Hand

CLIENTS: Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Center, Contact: Jim Adderson

SUPERVISOR: Dr. Devin Deluzio, Biomedical Eng., ph.494-3018, fax: 494-2527

Competitions: none
Implementation: none

Team: Ian Aldous
  Krisann Amos
  Bill Morrison
  Alma Sabirovic

DESCRIPTION: Current prosthetic hands have very limited movement and are unable to grasp complicated objects. In the current design, only the thumb and first and second digits are functional. They simulate a pinching motion, rather than a grasping motion. This limits the capabilities of the hand. Our project will develop a hand that will more closely simulate the actions of a real hand. This will enable the user to grasp complicated objects more effectively. We will accomplish this through developing a hand that has movement in all five digits.