Project #4

TITLE: Mini Baja Group #1


SUPERVISOR: Dr.Julio Militzer Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Tel: 494-3947 Email:

CO-SUPERVISOR: Dr. Andrew Warkentin Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Tel: 494-3901 Email:

Competitions: East Mini Baja Competition, South Carolina, USA
Implementation: Demo for promotional prop.

Team: Robert Barry
  Mark Eisnor
  Theo Bell
  Nathan Bubar
  Bryan Bursey

DESCRIPTION: Each year the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) sponsors a mini Baha East Dune Buggy Competition. The objective of this competition is to conceive,design, fabricate a dune buggy to compete in three competitions being 1) max. tow weight 2) deep water race and 3) endurance race. The design project objective is to use the SAE design constraints and competition rules as a basis for the design, construction and operation. Competition will require obtaining the necessary sponsorship/funding. As this project requires significant funding and time, the project will be divided between two groups and worked on as separate divisions with combined group meetings as required. Group 1 will design the suspension, steering and chasis while group 2 will design the drive train.