Project #4

TITLE: Supermileage Vehicle


SUPERVISOR: Dr.Julio Militzer Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Tel: 494-3947 Email:

Competitions: Did not attend this years competition
Implementation: Demo for promotional prop.

Team: Jeremy McEachern
  Chris Hobbs
  Chris Myers
  Neil Grandy

DESCRIPTION: The Supermileage project has been on going at DalTech for the past several years. This project is part of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Midwest Supermileage competition. In this competition each team receives an engine from sponsor Briggs and Stratton and builds a car for maximum fuel mileage. At DalTech a group of senior Mechanical Engineering students takes on this project each year an dimproves the car from the last year and returns the competition held in Michigan. We have placed well in past years with 3rd in 1996 with 760 mpg US, 1st in 1997 with 992 mpg US and 3rd in 1998 with 560 mpg US.