Project #7

TITLE: Space Heating (Design of an integrated energy system for a house)

SUPERVISOR: Dr. P. Allen Mechanical Engineering Dept. Phone 494-3299 Email

Competitions: none
Implementation: none

Team: Robert Bertram
  Greg Nugent
  Derick Redden
  Jason Spears

DESCRIPTION: The objective of this project is to design an integrated energy system for a low-energy house located in Halifax. The integrated energy system will provide all of the space heating/cooling and domestic hot water heating energy requirements, and some or all of the electrical energy requirement of the house. As such, potential systems that can be used include solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, various types of heat pumps and co-generation.

The architectural design will be provided, but it if necessary, it will be subject to modification to accommodate the needs of the integrated energy system. The design project team will first determine the space heating/cooling, DHW heating and electrical energy requirements, and then will design the energy system to satisfy these requirements. A comparative evaluation will be conducted to assess the economic, energetic and emissions performance of the system vis-a-vis conventional systems.