A Traversing mechanism for Laser Doppler Velocimeter


During the past two years a high precision traversing mechanism has been under development at TUNS. The mechanism is now complete and is set to enter service before the end of May, 1996. The principal goal of the project has been to provide the highest possible level of performance within the overall budget of 10,800 Canadian dollars.


The major features of the mechanism include:

What the Mechanism Will do:

The mechanism, will allow the automation of Laser Doppler Velocimeter -- a sophisticated fluid velocity measuring device -- experiments at TUNS. Through automation experimenters will be able to:

  • Reduce uncertainty in measurements by accurately controlling the position of measuring points within an experiment.
  • Return to measuring points briskly, and with greater confidence, allowing a more thorough investigation of the influence of experiment parameters, and more effective use of laboratory time.
  • Improve efficiency, yielding increases in the quality and the number experiments performed, while relieving the experimenters from the drudgery, and potential for gross error, associated with traversing complex geometries.

The Team:

This mechanism has come in to being through the efforts of the following people:

  • Fabrication:
    Mr. Albert Murphy, machinist Mr. Angus Macpherson, shop supervisor
  • Project Supervisors:
    Dr Feridun Hamdullahpur, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
    Dr Adam C. Bell, Dean of Engineering
  • Design, testing and development:
    Travis Blanchett
  • Correspondence by e-mail can be sent to Travis Blanchett at: