Newsprint Winder Splicing Optimization

A newsprint winder takes paper off a parent or Jumbo reel and places it on smaller rolls that can be used by the consumer. Due to process problems on the paper machine, the paper web occasionally breaks during this transfer and the paper must be spliced. During splicing the paper must be threaded around a number of reels. The current system of threading the paper tail over a wound roll during the splicing sequence uses three fixed air showers. The operating principle is as follows: The first shower peels the tail off the spiral grooved drum roll. The second shower lifts and carries the tail. The third shower pushes the tail over the partially wound reel. The success rate of threading, especially as diameters approach 125 cm is very low. This results in either breaking the sheet down and starting over or stopping the winder and climbing over equipment to retrieve the tail. As well as being inefficient, this exposes the operator to dangerous nips. System improvements and safety concerns will be addressed in the design project.

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