High-tech bed for comfort and treatment


We spend a substantial part of our life lying on a bed. A good night sleep is vital especially for those who have some physical discomfort. A good sleep allows an average person to spend more energy during rest of the day or evening. An ideal bed should support our body in perfect rest with minimum stress concentration at any point. Unfortunately even the most expensive bed available in the market does not provide this. Greenfield Research Inc. and Prof. P. Basu has developed a conceptual design of an advanced bed which is meant to remove most of the source of discomfort of conventional bed. This design relies on mechanical and electronic component for control of the comfort zone.

The design team will prepare engineering design of this bed using the conceptual design provided by Prof. Basu. The student will carry out the detail engineering keeping in view raw material and component availability, overall cost of the product, aesthetics and finally the performance. One prototype will be built and tested. It would be modified if necessary using concurrent engineering principles.