Medical Device for Intubation


Intubation is the procedure of inserting an endotracheal tube into a patient's trachea, to enable adequate ventilation in the case of injury or other trauma. Over the years, various types of intubation devices have been developed for inserting and checking the placement of these tubes in patients. There are several devices on the market used to perform this function, each having advantages and disadvantages, from user interface to patient safety.

The proposed would involve the following:

- A full analysis of competing products
- A full technical/patent search for competing technologies
- Analysis of regulatory requirements
- Re-engineering of features to avoid infringement on existing patents
- The design and development of a prototype based on the above

The students will be expected to design a working prototype, through the use of such technologies as solid modeling and rapid prototyping. Since some work has already been done on this device, an intellectual property agreement will have to be entered into between the writer and the students.

A diagram of the existing product is available on file in the ME Department.