Grinding Research Group

Department of Mechanical Engineering - Dalhousie University

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Grinding Machines

Blohm Planomat 408 CNC Creep-Feed Profile Grinder

Brown and Sharpe MircoMaster 824 Surface Grinding Machine

Other Equipment

Thermal Measurement Equipment
Indigo Merlin Uncooled IR Camera
Thermocouples and Signal Conditioning Hardware
Force and Acceleration Measurement Equipment
Kistler Model 9257B Dynamometer
Kistler Model 1689B5 Cable
Kisterl Model 5019B130 Amplifier
Kistler 20000N Force Hammer
Kistler 8776A50 Accelerometer +/- 50 g
Kistler 511451 Coupler Kit with Carry Case
Acoustic Measurement Systems
Physical Acoustics Wideband Underwater Sensor
Physical Acoustics Embedded Nozzle Sensor
Physical Acoustics Signal Conditioning Hardware
Brel & Kjr 4944 Prepolarized Pressure-Field 1/4" Microphone
Brel & Kjr 2670 1/4" Microphone Preamp, 2m cable
Brel & Kjr 2690-A-052 2 channel Microphone Conditioning
Vision Systems
2 QIC-M-10 QICAM black & white, 10 bit cameras 
StreamPix Real Time Uncompressed Acquisition Software
2 Infinitube-Variable Focus Microscopes with Coaxial Illuminators
and set of Objective Lens
2 Dolan-Jenner PL-900 DC-Regulated Fiber Optic Illuminator,
with Filter Kits Light Guides and Ring lights

8 Workstations with Software
Omega LMF-3550/120V Auto BT Furnace
Hewlett-Packard 33120A 15Mhz Waveform Generator
Hewlett-Packard 54621D Oscilloscope
Hewlett-Packard E3620A ABA Power Supply
1200GX1MG MasterPro Balance with Shield Chamber
Load Controls Inc. UPC-FR and PH3A Power Sensors
Omega PX41C1-075G5T Pressure Transducer
Omega FP-5300 Flow Transducer

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