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Design & Graphics II

Design Projects

The Engineering Design & Graphics course has been held since 2000. Competition-specific websites can be viewed below or by the navigation buttons to the left.

2006 :: Atlas Stones

This year’s design project was inspired by the strong man competition known as the “Atlas Stones”.  In the Atlas Stones competition the contestants must place stones on top of platforms.  The objective of this year’s design competition will be design a remotely-operated vehicle that can place ping pong balls on three posts of different heights.

2007 :: Robo-Rat Race

In this year’s competition students will design remotely operated “rats”. The rats will then forage for food in the arena, bring the food back to their pantry and place the food in the appropriate receptacles. There will be three pieces of food for each rat: a wedge of cheese, a piece of salami and a sugar cube. Teams will be judged on the number of food items their rat retrieves, the ability to place the food in the appropriate receptacles in their pantries and the time it takes to accomplish the task. The competition will take place in an arena approximately 9'x 9' as shown in the attached figure. The food can be found in and around the structure in the center of the arena. The two pantries are located on opposite’s sides of the arena.

2008 :: Quarry Quarrel

In this year’s design competition, teams will build robotic construction systems to build a freestanding tower. The system must gather building blocks from a quarry, bring the building blocks to a construction site, and construct a tower in the designated foundation area. The dimensions of each block are approximately 1” X 2” X 3”. Teams will be judged on the number of blocks they have brought to their building site and the height of their tower. See attached illustrations for details of the competition arena.