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Design & Graphics II


Welcome the the Engineering Design & Graphics II course website. This is a 2nd year course in Mechanical Engineering (MECH 2100) at Dalhousie University.

Course Information


Dr. Andrew Warkentin

C-356 (Sexton Campus)


CAD Instructor

Robert Warner

C-250A (Sexton Campus)



Teaching Assistants

David Anderson

C-256C (Sexton Campus)



Darrel Doman

C-256C (Sexton Campus)



Lectures:    Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 11:35 - 12:25 (Dunn 301A)

Tutorials:    Monday at 2:35 - 5:25 (Dunn 301A/B)

Course Description

This class provides a project-based exercise in the engineering design process. Students work in teams and as individuals on defined projects which utilize knowledge and skills in graphics, computing, and engineering mechanics. The projects encompass conceptual design, detailed analysis, engineering drawings, experimentation, physical model fabrication, laboratory testing, and preparation of professional reports. Throughout the course, safety, professional responsibilities and ethics are stressed.

Course Objectives


bulletReinforce drafting concepts presented in ENGI 1100 - Engineering Design & Graphics I
bulletDevelop proficiency with solid modelling
bulletLearn how to create assembly drawings


bulletCreate a functional prototype to accomplish a specified task using fundamental design principals
bulletDevelop project management skills
bulletDocument a design project in a professional manner
bulletDevelop group and interpersonal skills
bulletPractice professionalism, be safety-conscious and maintain high ethical standards
bulletGive a design project presentation

Design Kits

Each design team must purchase a design kit. Each kit will cost $60/student. The cost of the design kit has been added to your student fees.