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Research Groups and Centres

Advanced Control and Mechatronics Laboratory
Circulating Fluidized Bed Laboratory

CMVDR Centre for Marine Vessel Design and Research
CREEDAC Canadian Residential Energy End-Use Data & Analysis Centre
Daltech MEMS Micro-machining
Intelligent Grinding Laboratory
Nova Scotia CAD/CAM Centre
Smart Materials Center

Faculty Research Areas

Energy, Thermo/Fluids

Dr. P.L. Allen

Solar Thermal Energy Utilization, Heat Transfer


Dr. P. Basu

Air Pollution, Heat Transfer, Boilers, Fluidized Bed Gasification/Combustion, Biomass Conversion


Dr. J. Militzer

Hydrodynamics of Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers, Computational Fluid Dynamics


Dr. V.I. Ugursal

Energy System Modeling, Residential Energy Consumption, Advanced Power Cycles

Systems and Design

Dr. R. Bauer

Dynamics of Space Structures


Dr. T.J. Hubbard

Design of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems - MEMS


Dr. M.R. Kujath

Mechanisms, MEMS, Modal Analysis, Space Manipulators


Dr. D. Retallack

Modeling, Process Simulation & Control


Dr. A. Warkentin

CAD/CAM, 5-axis machining

Solid Mechanics

Dr. A. Kalamkarov

Composite materials and reinforced Engineering Structures, Smart Composite Materials

Marine Hydrodynamics and Offshore Engineering

Dr. J. M. Chuang

Numerical Modeling of Nonlinear Free-Surface Flow, Optimal Hull Forms