Past Graduate Seminars

2004/2005 Academic Year
Richard Outtrim, An Experimental Study of Immersed Thermosiphon Heat Exchangers for Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems
Mahmood Azmat, CFD Simulation of Heat Transfer in Bubbling Fluidized Beds
Hycienth Onovwiona, Modeling of Reciprocating ICE Cogeneration System for Residential Applications
Gobinda Saha, Experimental, Numerical, and Analytical Studies of Smart Composite Materials and Their Application to Civil Infrastructures
Sameer A. Khatri, Prediction of Grinding Forces and Power based on Dressing Parameters for Inconel 718
Qin Tu: Computer Aided Ship/Boat Design by using NURBS
Srujan K. Rokkam, Experimental Investigation and Micromechanical Modeling of Smart Composite Reinforcements
Wang Wei, Numerical Studies on Analytical Solution of Boundary Integral Equation for 2-D Steady Linear Wave Problems
David Anderson, Thermal Measurement and Modeling of the Grinding Process
2003/2004 Academic Year
Rui Zhang, Heat Transfer in Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers and Solid Collection Efficiency of Cyclones
Haixiong Zhang, Design of A Biomass Based District Heating System for A Community Center
Eugene Botsio, Hydrodynamic Studies of a Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) Boiler Component: Loop Seal
Lucas Miller, Analysis of Thermal Power Generation Projects Considering Current Trends in Emissions Policy 
Neil Ellerington, Electrokinetic Movement of Micro-Objects in Fluids Using MEMS Electrode Arrays
Aziz Rahman, Investigation of a Novel Perforation Technique in Petroleum Wells - Perforation by Drilling
Dan Sameoto, Design and Characterization of MUMPs Microactuators Underwater
Sravanthi Uppalapati, Effect of Technical and Financial Parameters on Cost of Power Generation and Electricity Tariff
Hossein Mousavizadegan, Radiation and Diffraction of Submerged and Floating Bodies in Time Harmonic Wave
Ashish Dighe, Measurement of Work Piece Temperature in Surface Grinding
Joachim Steffen, The Effect of Jet Coherency on Coolant Application in Grinding
Jason Hicken, Turbulence Modeling in a Numerical Wind Tunnel
Lisa Hunt, Analysis and Optimization of Scratch Drive Actuators
Alan Shenglan, A Study of Static Deflections in Surface Grinding 
Sormin Sultana, Effect of Dressing Parameters on Grinding Wheel Wear
Dahai Zhang, Heat Transfer in a Pulsed Bubbling Fluidized Bed
Wu Zu, Numerical Solution of Water Entry Problem for Arbitrary 2-D Bodies in Time Domain
Scott Bishop, Design of an Ergonomic Prototype Propulsion System for a Manual Wheelchair
2002/2003 Academic Year
Theo Bell, The Numerical Wind Tunnel: a Three Dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics Tool
Krishna Challagulla, Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Smart Composite Structures
Fozi Alsagheer, An Experimental Investigation of a New Heat Exchanger for a Star Domestic Hot water  System
Stephane LaChance, Development of an Automated System to Evaluate the Surface Condition of Grinding Wheels
Jeongkwan Lee, Analysis and Optimization of MEMS Out-of-Plane Thermal Actuators
Alex Ferguson, Fuel Cell Modeling for Building Cogeneration Applications
Yongjun Lai, Development of Micro-Machined Planar Manipulators
2001/2002 Academic Year
John Sheng, Ship Geometry Approximation Using Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline with Application to Computational Hydrodynamics
Jardany Camacho, Experimental Study of Low Flow Immersion Heat Exchangers
Aries Sulisetyono, Nonlinear Ship Rolling Governed by Duffing's Equation Through Catastrophe Theory
Mahmoud Ghiasi, A Higher Precision Technique for Modeling Wave-Body Interactions
Aaron Muise, A Study of the Effectiveness of CMGS for Vibration Suppression in Flexible Structures
2000/2001 Academic Year
Merih Aydinalp, A new Approach for Modeling of Residential Energy Consumption
Murat Koksal, Gas Mixing in Circulating Fluidized Beds-Effects of Secondary Air Injection
Animesh Dutta, Studies on Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler
Alan Fung, Modeling of National and Regional Residential Energy Consumption and Associated Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Heiko Fettig, Micromachined Flexible Joints
Ryan Hickey, Analysis and Optimization of MEMS Thermal Actuators
Wei Qui, A Panel-Free Method for Time-Domain Analysis of Floating Bodies in Waves
Anastasis Georgiades, Experimental and Analytical Studies of Smart Composite Reinforcements and Structures