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The Integrated B.Eng. / 1 Year M.Eng. Program in Mechanical Engineering requires 1 additional year after the B.Eng. Graduates of the program will receive degrees of Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. The M.Eng. is a project-based degree and is usually a terminal degree. Students interested in a thesis-based M.A.Sc. and eventually a Ph.D. should consult the department. All the requirements of the two separate degrees are met, no new degrees are offered. A key feature of the program is a 2 + 2 term Individual Design and Research Project carried out under faculty supervision with equal emphasis on the aspects of design and research.

Program Entrance Requirements

To be eligible to enter the Integrated B.Eng. / 1 year M.Eng. Program, a student must have

1) a cumulative GPA of 3.3 (B+) or higher in the first six academic terms

2) a faculty supervisor and a proposed research project

Students may apply for entrance into the Integrated degree program at the end of the sixth academic term or beginning of the seventh academic term.

Interested students should contact faculty members in the department to find a suitable supervisor and project, and together submit a research proposal to the Departmental Graduate Co-ordinator.

In the seventh and eighth academic terms (final year for the B.Eng. students) students in the Integrated program will undertake an Individual Design and Research Project (D&R Proj. I and II) under the supervision of a faculty member. This project must conform to all the requirements of the final year project and typically involves the construction of a prototype. The Design and Research Project covers four terms and must be divided into two parts (D&R Proj. I, II and D&R Proj. III, IV) with clearly defined requirements for the first two terms.

After successful completion of the eigth term and all undergraduate requirements, students receive their B.Eng. degree.

During the summer term, students work under the faculty members supervision on D & R Proj. III.

In the ninth and tenth academic terms students take eight graduate courses (four per term), and complete D&R Proj. IV. Up to 2 of 8 graduate courses may be senior technical electives not previously taken by the student. Students may take also one Directed Studies Course (MECH 6990) as part of the required eight graduate courses.

Financial Support

All students accepted into the Integrated B.Eng. / 1 year M.Eng. Program will be eligible for financial assistance beginning at the start of the seventh academic term. Students with a high academic standing (GPA) will be eligible for a scholarship. Financial assistance is also derived from assigned duties as Research Assistants or Teaching Assistants. The assistance may be renewable based on performance and may have a total value of $7,000.00 or more. See the Department Graduate Co-ordinator for details.

Maintenance of Standing

In order to retain standing in the Integrated B.Eng. / 1 year M.Eng. Program, students must continue to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.3 (B+) or higher. Students who do not maintain academic performance will be required to withdraw from the Integrated Program, and will need to satisfy the undergraduate requirements to obtain their B.Eng. degree.