Dalhousie A+

Acceleration + Velocity + Distance + Specific Power

Dalhousie A+ gives you a direct reading from one axis of the iPhone / iTouch / iPad built in accelerometer

and displays graphs of Acceleration, Velocity , & Distance  vs. Time

Velocity and Distance graphs are integrated from Acceleration data.

Swipe left to display the graph of Specific Power (Acc * Vel.) vs. Time.

Use the Action button on the toolbar above to export the accelerometer data to e-mail or to copy it.

Acceleration, Velocity, Distance and Specific Power have units of m/s^2, m/s and m$2/s^3 respectively.

Gridlines are at intervals of 10.

Written By

Alex Gosselin,

Mechanical Engineering Dept.,

Dalhousie University,

Halifax NS Canada


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