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Design Projects 2014

1. Hoisting Conveyance Data Acquisition and Monitoring
2. Design of an Automated Part Bagging and Labeling System
3. Design of a Modernized Automated Bi-cell Assembly Machine
4. Clean in Place (CIP) System Upgrades
5. Sustainable Manufacturing of Sea Salt
6. Redesign of Soap Cutting Machine to Improve Soap Manufacturing

7. Enhanced Pressure Casing for Oceanographic Profiler

8. Control of a Solar Thermal & Heat Pump Supplied Domestic Hot Water System
9. 3-axis Gimbal Camera Mount for a Quadcopter
10. Design of a Wearable Exoskeleton Robotic Hand for Rehabilitation
11. Design of an Advanced Firewood Splitting Assembly
12. Design of a System to Determine Drag Force and Drag Coefficient of Different Animal Tags
13. FSAE Paddle Shifting System
14. Application of 3D Printing to the Fabrication of Prosthetics
15. Simplification of a Hand-Held Water Test via Custom Plastic Design
16. Portable Micro-grid for Remote Communities in Developing Countries
17. Bulk Shipping Lump Breaker Design
18. The Ultimate Richshaw


Design Projects 2013

1. Stewart Platform
2. FSAE Brake Rotor
3. Development of 2nd Generation CNC Shot Peener
4. Hypergun - Handheld Hyperspectral Radiometer
5. New Design of a Bass Drum
6. Universal Helicopter Hoist Mounting System
7. Man Overboard Retrieval System
8. Industrial Scale Vermicomposting Machine
9. Development of a Prototype Low-cost Oceanographic Profiler for Citizen Ocenography
10. Design of an Improved Rotor System and Sub-Assembly for the Spiri UAV
11. Magnetic Levitation Control
12. Robotic Manipulator Control
13. Strandbeest
14. Scuba Diving Wheel Chair
15. A "REEL" Mower
16. Human Powered Flettner Ship
17. FSAE Engine Gearbox
18. Automated Beer Brewing System
19. Micro CHP for Single Family
20. CNC Router for Shaping Surfboards

Design Projects 2012

1. Electric Trials Motorcycle Propulsion System
2. Universal Robot Gripper for Second Stage Tire Building Applications
3. Photovoltaic Powered heating System
4. Mini Baja Chassis
5. Compact Server Lift
6. Configurable Towbody Testbed
7. Self Stabilizing Bicycle
8. Mechanical Regenerative Braking System
9. The Spot Bot
10. Seaplane Crash Simulator
11. Automatic Hockey Puck or Ball Return System
12. Formula SAE Aero Kit
13. Mini Baja Powertrain
14. Popcan Solar Air Heater
15. Human Powered Water Purification System
16. Automatic Randomized Soccer Ball Shooter ("Bend it Like Beckham")
17. Variable Pitch Wind Turbine Hub
18. Propinator
19. PFD Testing Device
20. Shell Eco-Marathon Supermileage

Design Projects 2011

1. Compact Ruggedized Liquid Pump for Component Cooling
2. Canine Ball Thrower
3. Shell Eco-Marathon Supermileage
4. Force Multiplying Wheelchair Chassis
5. 3-inch Single Crystal Bender
6. Electric Trials Motorcycle
7. Power generating speed bump
8. Solar (Thermal) Air Conditioning
9. Fluid Powered Rock Crawler
10. Self-Balancing Robot
11. Sail Away Kayak
12. Propulsion system for deep sea operation of an AUV
13. Universal Truck Bed Loader
14. Apex Camera
15. FSAE Intake, Exhaust and Engine Tuning


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