- We've tested the Halifoil and it flies!  Under the pilot's power it raises out of the water and can continue to hydrofoil!

- Visit the TESTING section of the website for more details and pictures/video of the tests at Dalplex.

- Final Presentation this Friday, April 8th at 4pm

- Team Halifoil were all presented with their Iron Rings on Wed. March 3, 2005. Wo-Woo!


Welcome to the Halifoil (Team 5) design project homepage. This page contains information about our Human Powered Hydrofoil Project.

The project is part of the the Dalhousie Mechanical Engineering Design Project Course MECH 4010/4020.

The challenges involved in completing this project are numerous. Every part of the hydrofoil must be kept as light as possible to keep within our restrictive power requirements of approximately 1 horsepower for 15 seconds. The foils and rider position must be completely adjustable to allow trim corrections to be made to the vessel. One of the most difficult problems is ensuring that the hydrofoil is stable (both on hulls and when foil borne) and steerable. These problems include aspects of aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, control-systems, and strength of materials. It is important to ensure that all the portions of the hydrofoil (hulls, drive, foils, frame) interact properly with one another once complete.

 2005 - Team #5 - Halifoil - Dalhousie University - Halifax, NS Canada                                Dr. Tasos Georgiades - Supervisor