Team 1: Neocon Tool Change Improvement

Project Description

Neocon International manufactures plastic parts, primarily for the automotive industry, using the thermoforming process. In order to manufacture a wide range of parts for many auto makers, as well as custom pieces for some non-automotive customers, the thermoforming machines must undergo a tool change process. Currently, this process is very labour intensive and time consuming.

Team 1 has been asked to improve the tool change process, including new designs in the following areas:

  • Verifying the alignment of the thermoforming tool
  • Securing the thermoforming tool to the machine platen
  • Adjusting the pneumatic clamp frames to the required size for the tool
  • Quickly securing the pneumatic clamp frames in position

The new tool change procedure should reduce the time required for a tool change substantially, and eliminate the use of any and all hand tools.