The aim of this project is to design and build a compressed gas powered squib for use in the special effects industry.  Current high quality squibs use explosives that are dangerous and costly to work with. The use of explosive squibs requires special permits, a licensed pyrotechnician, a stunt coordinator, and additional insurance costs. All of these factors contribute in making explosives highly innaccessible to low budget and independant film makers. By designing a compressed air powered alternative, we hope to mitigate the majority of these costs, while still producing an accurate and effective bullet hit simulation.

The client for this project is DevoFX of Kingston, NS. Owner Marc Deveault is a make-up artist, lisenced pyrotechnician, former paramedic, and has 20 years of military experience. Marc has experienced first hand the hurdles one must overcome in order to implement explosives squibs, and has therefore enlisted the help of Dalhousie's finest in order to design a cheaper and safer alternative.

Find out more about DevoFX here.