The design project for Team Eight is focused around developing and implementing improvements to a novel lab prototype of a portable blood diagnostic device developed by Alentic Microscience Inc. The prototype developed utilizes an innovative and relatively cost-efficient approach to imaging blood. This novel approach enables the imaging and analysis of blood within mere minutes at a standard of quality that meets the current gold-standard of blood analysis adopted by hospitals and clinics around the world. As this device is able to greatly reduce the time required for returning blood results to patients at a low cost and at a quality on par with modern techniques, target demographics include developing nations where healthcare infrastructure is not fully developed. Alentic Microscience Inc. is now focusing on developing a new version of the prototype that is intended to be portable and powered by use of a smart phone. Team Eight is focused on the development of the first marketable iteration by addressing problems preventing the lab prototype from being appropriate for global manufacturing and distribution.

(Image is property of Alentic Microscience Inc., 2012)