Design Team 9 - Fish Tail Design Analysis, Redesign and Testing 

The Aquatron is a world class water tank facility at Dalhousie University. The Aquatron has a number of tanks available for science and engineering testing, as well as a team of experts to solve science and engineering problems. The Halifax Mermaids are an entertainment group based in Nova Scotia and Los Angeles, California that use their fins in their show that are required to both be efficient for agility and maneuverability as well as lifelike enough that they soften and 'collapse' like a real fish fish when they are out of the water. Up to date, these tails have been primarily design based off aesthetic desires, and the goal of this project is to improve the maneuverability and comfort of these tails, while still maintaining the aesthetic appeal.

This project will entail design analysis, investigating dynamic ballasting systems, investigate materials, and validate existing design decisions and test alternative modificatoins to the exisisting deisgn. Critical measurements of force, stress, human body output and in-water maneuverability will all influemnce design decisions.

Meet the Team!

Meet Alex Butler!
Alex reigns from Moncton, NB. Alex is in his 5th year at Dalhousie as apart of the Mechanical Engineering Co-op Program. Alex is a true man of the outdoors. He loves to jam out whether it be on drums, bongos or guitar. With his current facial hair, his nickname has become Poseidon! If you scroll to the bottom of this webpage you'll see why...Alex also enjoys a nice comfy couch on which to nap on!
Keep doing you Alex!

Meet Joshua Kennedy!

Joshua hails from Wallace, NS! I know, I've never heard of it either! Joshua completed his first two years of his 4 year Mechanical Engineering degree at the Dal AC campus where he thrived as a member of the basketball team. Joshua's favourite sports franchise is the Golden State Warriors! And he's lucky enough to have seen them live. Josh also enjoys long barefoot walks on the rocky beaches of Nova Scotia!
Keep it up Josh!

Meet Steven MacQuarrie!

Steve is from beautiful Truro! Steve completed his first two years of his 5 year Mechanical Engineering Co-op Degree at the Dal AC campus where he also blossomed on the basketball team. Steve, seen here shredding on the guitar, also loves badminton! When he finally takes a break from getting A's across the board, he enjoys watching a basketball game and catching a Ryan Gosling flick!
You go Steve!

Meet John Traboulsi!

John comes from beautiful Calgary, Alberta! John is in his 5th year of his Mechanical Engineering Co-op Degree, where he played 4 years as a member of the Dalhousie Men's Varsity Basketball Team, who won an AUS Championship in 2015. John also loves to rock out on guitar and drums, as well as listen to classic Vinyl Records. When he's not spending all his co-po earnings on flights back home, he enjoys throwing a frisbee against the wind so he can play catch with himself!
What a guy!

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