Design Team 10

Background Information
LaMP (Lower arm Mechatronic Prosthetic) is a project, imagined by Thinking Robot Studios, that aims to create an upper limb mechatronic limb prosthetic solution.

The final product is to be distributed to amputees located in global conflict zones through the use of select NGOs, specifically in Jordan.

Team Goals
The LaMP team is responsible for a final design that is adaptable in such a way that it can be paired with the solutions provided by the remainder of the LaMP team.

Requirements for the project will center on the functionality of the hand,the user's comfort level, and the durability of the product under the environmental conditions in the Middle East.
Project Scope
The Dalhousie mechanical design team, as part of the LaMP project, is responsible for the mechanical and material design of the prosthetic.

The team will improve upon existing market solutions to provide a hand prosthetic capable of realistic motion and improved material properties.



Thinking Robot Studios is a startup company founded in 2011, located in Halifax, NS. TRS designs and delivers affordable, patient-specific prosthese and implant solutions, utilizing the latest in 3D-modelling and advance manufacturing technologies

The ReArmed project was imagined through work with Dalhousie University, with the goal of delivering a fully functional and deployable upper limb prosthetic that could be delivered to those in need within conflict zones and refugee camps, specifically in the Middle East.

The Dalhousie mechanical design team, which makes up part of the LaMP team, is supported by a cast of professionals at Thinking Robot Studios who are dedicated to delivering a functional, open-source prosthetic solution.