Bead Flashing Trim Knife Improvement

Design Team 15

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Finished tires at the Michelin tire factory are inspected and trimmed to remove excess rubber flashing left from the mold. The knife used to trim off this flashing was designed to most effectively trim flashing on the sidewall of the tire. The same knife is used to trim flashing from the bead point of the tire (area where the tire mounts to the rim). The knife is awkward to hold and the position and effort required to trim the bead point flashing is a potential source of wrist injury from repetitive strain.

Design a knife that is optimized for trimming bead point flashing. Depth of trim is very important and the knife should be designed to prevent the operator from removing excess trim. The bead point shape of the tire is standard and well known. The maximum allowable resistance (ie: stress on the wrist during trimming process) will need to be established - Michelin occupation/physical therapist available to assist with ergonomics. Details on volumes of tires to be trimmed etc will be provided to the project team.

Deliverables should include a prototype knife that can be used to demonstrate trimming and could be scaled to a production version. Deliverables should include data on ergonomic improvement from current knife to prototype knife.