Horizontal Drill Press

Protocase has approached the Mechanical Engineering Department at Dalhousie University for a horizontal drill press design. Protocase is an industrial manufactuer located in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Protocase specializes in custom built cases for various applications, using a variety of materials. At Protocase, the ability to keep as many processes in house is very important as it allows them to offer customers a level of convience not found often in industry.

Given that Protocase handles a wide range of workpiece size, they require a number of machines that will allow to keep manufacturing processes in house. In particular, Protocase is often asked to drill along the edge of slender work pieces which is a difficult task using conventional vertical drill presses. The aspect ratio of these edges ranges from 1/2"x1/8" to 4'x1" (Width X Thickness). This is difficult for machine operators to do using a vertical drill press as these workpieces have lengths of up to 8'. The nature of the workpieces size and shape make clamping and accurately drilling into the edge more of a problem, which causes poorer production quality.

This project will focus on the design and implementation of a horizontal drill press to aleviate the problems Protocase is having with the production of these workpieces. This drill press will include all necessary work holding tables, clamps and safety equipment. The drill press will be able to drill along the edges of workpieces up to 4' long, and edge aspect rations of 1/2"x1/8" to 4'x1". In this way, the machinists at Protocase will be able to quickly and accurately process such workpieces. This will allow Protocase to keep the drilling process in house, and providing even more convience to clients.